Workshop on Environmental Data Stewardship by Thorsten Thiel and Paola Pierri

Feb. 4th 2022 09:30-11:00 am CET

Towards Environmental Data Stewardship

The use of traditional and new types of environmental data will be crucial in the fight against climate change, as well as other related threats. The good use of all these data has enormous social benefits, but each of them brings governance challenges – privacy, secrecy, business monopolies, anti-fraud and transparency among them. To achieve the benefits we need data use to be supported by a solid governance regime that can steer collection, access, and use of environmental data. Therefore Thorsten together with Paola Pierri of Democratic Society and NYU Gov Lab are organising a workshop on environmental data governance. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from the Weizenbaum Institute to share some initial insights emerging from the research, identified tensions and possible alternative governance models in the field of Environmental Data Governance with the aim of opening the discussion to experts in the field, test ideas and to ensure a range of different perspectives on data governance issues is taken into account. The results will later serve the Democratic Society  and the NYU Gov Lab to make policy recommendations to the GIZ.

The workshop will take place on Friday February 4th 2022 from 09:30-11:00 am.