Weizenbaum Colloquium with Lisa-Maria Neudert and Martin Seeliger

Yesterday, 26th October 2021 we hosted a double issue of the Weizenbaum Colloquium. The speakers were Lisa-Maria Neudert (Oxford Internet Institute) and Martin Seeliger (University of Bremen), our former fellows.

The colloquium started with Lisa-Maria Neudert’s presentation, titled „Private Authority, Information Asymmetries & Regulatory Paralysis – The UK’s Online Safety Regime“, in which she discussed the UK’s proposed Online Safety Bill (OSB) for platform regulation. The second presentation was held by Martin Seeliger, the topic was his and Sebastian Sevignani’s Leviathan special edition on the public sphere. Martin Seeliger presented the conceptual framework of the volume and the central findings of the contributions dedicated to the processes of transformation of collective deliberation.

Thank you Lisa-Maria and Martin for this interesting afternoon!