Podcast: Nicolas Suzor on a new social contract for the digital age

Der Podcast zu dem von Nicolas Suzor am Weizenbaum gehaltenen Vortrag vom 26. November 2019 ist online. Nicolas Suzor ist Autor von Lawless. The Secret Rules That Govern our Digital Lives. Im Buch, wie in seinem Talk nimmt er den „gesetzlosen“ Zustand des Internets als Ausgangspunkt, um über die Möglichkeit einer zukünftigen Verfasstheit des Internets nachzudenken, in der Macht wirksam reguliert und die Menschenrechte geachtet werden.

Nicolas Suzor: A new social contract for the digital age

This episode contains a talk given by Nicolas Suzor about the need for a new social contract in the digital age and the responsibilities of platforms.  Suzor argues that if we want to confront contemporary problems like hate speech, disinformation, censorship and so on, we need to design a positive vision of the net, in which human rights are strengthened. If we care about the future of our shared social spaces the „lawless rule of tech“ must be stopped.


Mareile Kaufmann: Hacking as a Practice of Disputing Online Surveillance

In this episode we present a talk given by former Weizenbaum fellow Mareile Kaufmann on the topic of “Hacking as a practice of disputing online surveillance”. Her talk draws attention to hacking practices that interrogate the diverse faces of online surveillance. Instead of portraying hacking as a simple counterculture she seeks to complicate dichotomies of power vs. resistance, online vs. offline and looks at the back-and-forth negotiation character of hacking practices.